Practice Mindfulness With Money The Right Way

20 | Feb | 2014 Comments Finances


Mindfulness? Money? What? Usually, when people discuss the term mindfulness, they usually talk about meditation. As in transcendence. It seems downright hypocritical to apply transcendence, a state of being that is above and beyond mundane issues like money and getting by, with, well, money. But the truth is that if you practice mindfulness the right way, everything in your life, including your money issues, are put in the right place, and you become a wholly better person for it.

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The Tao of Saving Money

13 | Jan | 2014 Comments Finances


If you want to truly save money and, more importantly, do it automatically with very little pain, resistance, or emotional discomfort, you have to have a system. You have to have a system that rewires your mind, your actions, and your financial future so instead of your financial life happening to you (usually negatively), you make your financial life happen.

In short, you need to discover the tao of saving money.

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3 Good Financial Habits to Adopt


There?’s not much difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. People who have managed to live their financial lives to their maximum potential really aren?t that different from us. There was a famous book on millionaires, called ?The Millionaire Next Door.? According to the study, millionaires look like you and me.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Inflation

19 | Nov | 2013 Comments Finances


Inflation is the silent killer of money. That’s the bottom line. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how much of a threat inflation poses for their personal finances. They quietly save and invest with no idea about inflation’s effect on their nest egg. As a result, many people find themselves facing retirement age with a nest egg that simply isn’t up to the job.

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6 Painless Ways To Slash Your Spending


Usually you find blog posts discussing money saving tactics that tell you to cut this and to cut that. Well that’s obvious, if you want to save money you just have to buy less things. But it isn’t that easy. Some things are a necessity. Other things affect our quality of life. But what if I told you that you could save money painlessly?

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5 Simple Ways To Save Money

21 | Sep | 2013 Comments Finances , ,


Everybody is always looking for new ways to have more money in their bank accounts. You can either earn more income or save more money. It can be difficult to earn more income, especially if you’re not due a raise, can’t work overtime and don’t have time for a second job. But everyone can save money. Don’t know how? Here are 5 simple ways you can save more money.

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