6 Painless Ways To Slash Your Spending


Usually you find blog posts discussing money saving tactics that tell you to cut this and to cut that. Well that’s obvious, if you want to save money you just have to buy less things. But it isn’t that easy. Some things are a necessity. Other things affect our quality of life. But what if I told you that you could save money painlessly?

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5 Simple Ways To Save Money

21 | Sep | 2014 Comments Finances , ,


Everybody is always looking for new ways to have more money in their bank accounts. You can either earn more income or save more money. It can be difficult to earn more income, especially if you’re not due a raise, can’t work overtime and don’t have time for a second job. But everyone can save money. Don’t know how? Here are 5 simple ways you can save more money.

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3 Simple Yet Important Budgeting Tips


Need proven ways to budget your money? There’s a science behind budgeting that is simple and doable no matter what your income level is. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will keep you away from financial troubles but it will certainly give you better odds of avoiding one. There’s a lot of ways to effectively budget your money and ensure you can get through a day or week without getting yourself into debt given that you have a reasonable source of income.

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Track Your Expenses By Using A Credit Card


Instead of spending cash, you might want to use your credit card instead. Besides the convenience of not having to lug around wads of cash, carrying plastic can also help make your life easier when tax time rolls around. Moreover, keeping a centralized record of your expenses might make for better business planning and management all around.

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6 Tips For Saving On Airline Tickets

14 | Jun | 2014 Comments Vehicles ,


If you’re planning a trip in the near future, you’re probably looking for ways to save on your travel expenses. Believe it or not, there are ways you can get deals on airline tickets to help make your dream vacation more affordable than before.

Read on to discover 6 tips for saving on airline tickets for your next vacation.

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5 Best Values In The Grocery Store

20 | May | 2014 Comments Groceries


If you’re looking for ways to trim your family’s budget, looking at your food bill might be a good place to start. If you’d rather not save by using coupons, there are still plenty of places that you can save money. Knowing what the best values in the grocery store are can help you make smart decisions on low-cost food that tastes good and is nutritious.

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