5 Fees You Don’t Have To Pay


The market used to work like this: the seller and buyer agree on the price for an item or service, then the price is paid and goods are exchanged or services are rendered. Now, sellers are agreeing on a price, then tacking on extra fees and charges to pad their bottom lines. This tactic isn’t just deceiving, it’s insulting.

Read on to discover 10 fees you don’t have to pay and how to get around them.

Checked baggage fees

Airlines are around to provide a service. They take travelers over long distances in very little time. If you’re traveling long-distances, it makes sense that you would need luggage. What doesn’t make sense is paying extra to bring your bag with you. No other transportation mode charges customers to bring bags. To get around this, bring your business to companies that don’t charge for checked bags and leave the others to wonder where their customers went.

Carry-on bags

There is absolutely no reason an airline should charge this ridiculous fee. Carry-on bags are carried by you, loaded by you, unloaded by you and are the complete responsibility of you. The airline never touches them and if you don’t use the space in the overhead bin it will still be there. Fortunately, only a couple companies charge this fee so far, so it shouldn’t be difficult to avoid them.

Lap fees or pet fees

Some stingy airlines are now attempting to charge a fee for bringing a child or pet that will be sitting on your lap. If the individual isn’t occupying a seat, there should be no charge.  It has always been this way and only recently have airlines tried getting around that. To get around this, check with the airlines before flying to find out what their fees are. If they are too steep, take your business elsewhere and make sure they know why.

Collision insurance for rental cars

Sure this type of coverage is necessary if your regular insurance doesn’t cover you in rental cars, but the amounts charged for this service are exorbitant at best. Collision insurance can cost renters up to $25 a day, which works out to be over $9,000 a year.  That’s probably quite a bit higher than your own auto insurance. To get around this, check to see if you have coverage through your regular insurance company or through your credit card company. If you do, skip this fee and enjoy the savings.

Checking account fees

Banks are getting carried away with fees and charges to their customers. Some of the biggest banks are even charging a monthly fee to hold a checking account while they aren’t even paying customers interest on the money they keep in the account. There are also ATM fees, paper statement fees and other charges that add up to big money.  If your bank is nickel and dimming you to oblivion, it might be time to ditch your institution and switch to another bank. Look for a credit union or small local bank that’s more grounded.

While charging more and more fees is becoming common, there are still ways to avoid paying them. Paying the extra fees tells businesses that you’re fine with the practice, which is the opposite of the message you want to send. Stand up for yourself and avoid paying fees. Not only will you feel better, you’ll also have a fatter wallet.


Anum Yoon is the founder and editor of Current on Currency. She loves all things personal finance, which is why you'll find her work all over the PF blogosphere.

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