Restaurant Dining On A Budget

If you want to eat on the cheap making your own meals with food bought at the grocery store is your best bet. But eating at home gets boring and going out to a restaurant every now and then is a good escape. But you don’t want to break the bank while doing it. Luckily for you this post will show you all the tricks to dine at a restaurant on a budget.


If you don’t know where you want to dine look at Groupon to help make your decision. Do not go anywhere to eat unless you’re getting a discount of 50% or more off your dinner. Peruse the local eateries near your area that are currently offering significant bargains and jump on a deal if something sounds tasty.


Sign up for a restaurants’ newsletter or rewards program if they have one. When you do you’ll most likely get a coupon just for joining. It’s as easy as entering your email address and it takes just a few seconds. You can even subscribe, get the coupon, then unsubscribe if you want. If you join their rewards program you’ll get free food the more you eat there and even free food on your birthday depending on the restaurant.


Restaurants have slow periods (or days) where it seems like nobody comes in to eat. It’s typical for restaurants to give incentives to people during those times. Maybe they have “Kids eat free Tuesdays” or “Buy one get one free Wednesdays”. You’ll also want to see if their lunch-time menu has better deals than their dinner menu.


The portions served at restaurants are huge and extremely unhealthy. If you care about your health and your wallet you will order one entree and share it with your partner. We’ve also been groomed into thinking that a restaurant outing should include a starter, an appetizer, an entree and dessert. Instead, skip the overpriced and unnecessary items and just order and share an entree. If you have any food left over take it home with you and serve it the next day.

Happy Hour

Even if you don’t drink, hit up happy hour at your favorite restaurant and sit at the bar. It’s not just the beer that’s on sale, it’s the appetizers too. You can routinely enjoy half off anything on the appetizer section of the menu. There’s no rule against making an appetizer your dinner. So order an appetizer or two, enjoy the savings and bon appetit.


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